Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Salwar Drafting


A to B - Full Length less 7" (for belt) add 1.5" (for bottom fold) add 0.5" (for seam) = xx
A to C - Width (as per requirement)
C to E - 2" in from the corner.
C to F - 9" (standard) 
Join E to F
B to G - 8" (standard) add 1" (seam allowance)
Join F to G

A to B - Pelvic Circumference add 10" (for ease) divide by 2 = xx
A to C - 7" add 1.5" (fold on top for elastic) add 0.5" (for seam) = 9"
Cut the canvas 10" Length and 1.5" (or 1") Width 

Sewing Instructions:
Leg - At leg bottom B to G fold 1/2" in and press, then tuck in canvas and fold again, now press and sew.
Belt - Sew A to C and B to D with other piece. (ie join both pieces together)
Belt - At the waistline A to B fold 1/2" in and press, again fold 1" and sew all the way round.   
Crochet - Align and sew the right leg crochet area E to F with left leg crochet area for both legs.
Now your right and left leg A to E is joined by E to F, sew pleats in front and back (avg 12" each side or as much pleats you want)
Align, pin and sew the pleats part with the belt part.
Sew all around both legs G to F.
Put elastic through waist band and you're done! 

Note: Always place the right sides together and sew seams on the wrong side of the fabric, unless you are doing french seam. 


  1. pls post the drafting instructions as soon as possible...i had seen al ur posts...dos r really amazing tq for posting dos posts ...pls continue posting new patterns...


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