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Panel Dress Drafting (full panels)

Fold your fabric at full length (A-H), draw and cut 1 panel as shown in Figure 1. Then replicate remaining panels from the first one.
Panel Dress Draft
Figure 1

Now join them all together. There should be same number of panels at both front and back side. Once done it will look like Figure 2.
Figure 2

You can start drafting the dress now.

Drafting Instructions:
A – H = Knee length + 5” or as per requirement. 
A-B = ½ shoulder + ¼” (dont add ¼” if back neck is deep)
A-C = ¼th bust – 1”
B-D = A-C
Square down A,B,C,D
C-E = ¼th bust + 1.5” for ease (1"-2” as per fitting requirement), join C to E
A – F = nape to waist (see how to take body measurements)
F – G = ¼th waist + 1.5” for ease (1"-2” as per fitting requirement), join F to G
Mark and join H – I with straight line.
Mark point H1 in the middle of H - I 
Difference between I-I1 is 1"
Join H1-I1 with a curved line.
Join E-G-I1 with a curve at waist, allow 1" seam allowance (that will be your cutting line)

A – J = 1/12th bust
A – L = back neck depth 2” - 4” , shape J – L with a round curve
A – K = front neck depth 5” – 6” , shape J – K with a neckline of your choice

B – M = ½” , join J – M
Mark point N in the middle of B- D, joint M,N,E with a curve line for back armhole
Mark point O ½” in from N, joint M,O,E with a curve line for front armhole

Stitching neckline- as explained in how to prepare neckline facings.
Stitch both the sleeve ending.
Stitch both the shoulders together.
Pin the sleeves to the arm scye, take care to pin front side of sleeve to front side of arm and back accordingly, then machine stitch them together.
Draw and start stitching from the end of sleeves till the end of dress ie point I1
Finally stitch the bottom of dress. Tip: Use Hemmer Foot to give it a beautiful flairy look!


  1. wow itna nice work kia hy app ne boht hi nice i like ur blog panals ko aarange krna and balance tip is very nice H1 AND I1 its amazing thx ghazal

  2. thats very gud and useful.........

  3. Very nice from the beginning till the end.

  4. thanks fr the post ghazal but i always get this doubt.. first we stich the panels n then if we draft the arm holes n neck n cut it , wouldn't we hv to stch all the panels once again? as the main stch will also b ct while cutting for arm circles n neck... isn't it?? please suggest

    1. That should not be a problem as you will be finishing the seams of neck and armholes.

  5. hello,
    really good patern.i was looking for so long for this panel and u did a great job GHAZAL.i have no words to explain but can u put this effort also in urdu ,so if some people have dificulty to understand,they can learn better.wonderful long healthy life.ameen

    from CHICAGO,usa

    1. Thank you for appreciation. There is google translate tab at top right corner where people can select the language they want to translate in.

  6. pls upload video of this if u can....tat more helpful for me...plzz

  7. Good to know it was useful to you guys. You can select your language in google translate button on top right corner.

  8. very good instruction.useful work.every point is clear. good keep it up.thanks.

  9. you explained every thing so clearly thnks

  10. Wow..dis z so far da easiest tutorial on a panel dress...thank u so much for sharing 😊


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