Friday, 26 August 2011

Kameez Cutting Step by Step Guide

Here I have tried to make it easy to understand by including step by step cutting pictures.
For drafting instructions please check my post "kameez with darts"

Kameez Drafting

Kameez Draft


  1. Nice attempt, Salwar Kameez step by step guide is very useful. If this one is a video, it will be more useful. Thanks for sharing like these do it yourself stuffs.

  2. nice to know it was useful, i can make a video tutorial if you are interested to buy :)

  3. Hello Gazal,
    I am slightly confused as to how i attach the neck...can you please explain me how to i do it.(i am a learner - just started making my own kurthas). thanks, Dhanu

    1. Please look here...


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