Monday, 22 August 2011

Panel Cut Salwar Drafting (Kalidar Salwar)

Kalidar Salwar Draft

Kalidar Salwar Drafting
Instructions for drafting:
Waist piece-2 nos
A-B = 1/6th hips + 2”
A-C = 1/4th hips + 1”
B-D = same as A-C
square down A,B,C,D

Side piece-2 nos (on fold)
A-B = full length less waist piece
A-C = ½ hips
B-D = same as A-C
square down A,B,C,D

Kali-4 nos
E-F = same as A-B
E-G = ½ hips + 4-8" for pleats as required
F-H = same as E-G
Square down E,F,G,H
G-J= 1/4th hips
G-I= ½”
F-K= 3”
join I-J and J-K

Figure 2

Join the kalis with side piece.
When sewed together one salwar leg/paicha will look like figure 2, stitch the other leg/paicha same way.
Then stitch both the leg/paicha bottoms, use thick interfacing/canvas inside.
Join both the waist pieces together then fold 1” in for nari.
Join both the leg/paicha seams (I-J pieces) together.
Attach the waist piece to leg/paichas by taking big pleats – the pleats should start from the center and should face each other at start. See stitched salwar pleatsas in figure 3.
Finally stitch the full leg/paichas by starting from one end of the leg/paicha and finishing to the other. 


  1. hi. can u please show how to draft salwar kameez and also about the kalidar salwar

  2. hi hasi, please see my post kameez with darts for kameez draft, i will soon be writing salwar instructions.

  3. In side piece drafting ...A to C is 1/2 hips
    Or 1/2 ankle round...
    Sort of confused ,pls guide


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