Sunday, 18 September 2011

Anarkali Dress Drafting (with panel skirt)

Panel Dress Panel Draft
Panel Dress (Panels)

Drafting Instructions:
A-B = Waist to Knees + 5” (or as per requirement) 
A-C = Waist divided by number of panels required (ie 28/16=1.75 - fold that to half) 
B-D = Width of flair divided by number of panels required (ie 120/16=7.5 - fold that to half) 
Fold your fabric, iron it, draw and cut 1 panel as shown in Figure 1. Then replicate remaining panels from the first one. Then join them all together and finish seams. There should be same number of panels at both front and back side (ie 8 panels at front and 8 panels at back side). Your skirt is ready.

Panel Dress Blouse Draft
Panel Dress Blouse

Drafting Instructions:
A-F = waist length, join A to F   
A-B = ½ shoulder + ¼” (dont add ¼” if back neck is deep)
A-C = ¼th bust – 1” 
B-D = A-C 
Square down A,B,C,D 
C-E = ¼th Bust + 1” for ease, join C to E  
F-G = ¼th Waist + 1” for ease, join F-G 
Join E-G , allow 1" seam allowance (that will be your cutting line)
F – F1 and G – G1 = 4” , join F1- G1, if you want the panels to start from under the bust. 
X = Bust point (10" avg) (measure from mid shoulder to mid bust)

A – H = 1/12th bust 
A – L = back neck depth 2” - 4” , shape H – L with a round curve 
A – L1 = front neck depth 5” – 7” , shape H – L1 with a neckline of your choice

B – I = ½” , join H – I 
Mark point J in the middle of B- D, joint I,J,E  with a curve line for back arm hole 
Mark point K ½” in from J, joint I,K,E  with a curve line for front armhole

See Kameez with Darts

Stitching Instructions:
Stitching neckline- as explained in how to prepare neckline facings.Stitch both the sleeve ending.Stitch both the shoulders together.Pin the sleeves to the arm scye, take care to pin front side of sleeve to front side of arm and back accordingly, then machine stitch them together.Attach skirt with bodice, start stitching from side.Draw and start stitching from the end of sleeves till the end of dress. Finally stitch the bottom of dress. 
Tip: Use Hemmer Foot to give it a beautiful flairy look!


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