Saturday, 21 April 2012

Finishing Seams

Finishing seams is necessary in order to increase the durability of cloths and make them look tidy from inside. A finished seam prevents fraying of your fabrics and gives it a professional look.There are quite a few ways to finish your seams.

Prinked Seam:

Prinking sheers make a lovely pattern and also useful for finishing seams. A pinked seam finish is a simple but only useful for fabric that don’t easily fray. 

Serged Seam:

Overlocking is the most fastest way to finish seams, they sew, trim and finish seams at the same time. Overlocking machines/sergers are really useful but can be quite expensive. 

Zig Zag Seam:
The other option is to try finishing it with Zig Zag Sticth which gives quite a good results if done correctly. 

Zig Zag Seam Finish
Zig Zag Seam Finish (one side)

Zig Zag Seam Finish
Zig Zag Seam Finish (Open)

Flat Fell Seam:

French Seam:

coming soon..

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