Monday, 23 April 2012

Dress Alteration

How alterations can give a complete new look!
This is a stunning designer evening maxi dress from TK Maxx. My friend wanted some alterations to reduce the size of neck and add sleeves on. I did it for her and you can see how different and lovely it looks! Perfect for any occasion and unique style isnt it? 

Maxi Dress Before Alterations
Maxi Dress Before Alterations

Maxi Dress After Alterations
Maxi Dress After Alterations


  1. Gazal made alterations to my dress above, and I am extremely pleased with the results, The dress looked stunning when I put on my heels and accessories to go with it. Gazal is a professional, and I will definitely go back to her. Thank you gazal, you have been fab!

    1. ur welcome, i am glad you got what you wanted. you look fab in that dress:) hope it will make you stand out in the crowd!


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