Friday, 6 June 2014

Basic Sewing Supplies

For sewing project you will need following items:

Project Book (One side
lined/ruled, one side plain) OR Notebook and loose A4 papers. 

Dress makers Squared Pattern Paper OR Brown Paper Roll.
Pencil, Eraser, Long Ruler.

Sewing Machine (sewing machine is provided during lesson, you can bring your own machine if you wish so).
Iron (provided).
Sewing Measure Tape. 

Dressmaking Scissors (10" good quality).   
Small Scissors.
Machine needle size 90.
Fine Hand Needle.
Dressmaking Pins.
Stitch Remover.  

Fabric Markers.
Matching Threads. 
Bobbins and Bobbin Case if its not built in. 
Medium and light interfacing. 
Non-stretchy Cotton Fabric (as per the pattern/project requirement) 


  1. Hi Gazal,
    Its a very nice info... As I just saw u have started ur sewing class in mid of june. let me know wen next batch starts and how to join it and wht is the fees.

    1. Hi, please message me via "Contact Me" tab above and leave your contact details so i can contact you when my next batch starts in Sep.


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