Thursday, 11 August 2011

How to prepare Neckline Interfacing

Neck Facing Draft
Front Neck Facing (Folded Neck View)

Neck Facing Draft
Front Neck Facing (Full Neck View)

Take 10x12” piece of same fabric and same size interfacing
Place the facing on table
Place the front side kameez on top of the facing
Pin the facing with the kameez neckline
Draw on the facing and cut on the line you drawn
Cut away the excess facing  
Now place the kameez on the table-right side up, then place the fabric facing on kameez neckline, then place the interfacing on top and pin them together
Sew the facing to the kameez neckline with ¼” allowance
Nip the edges of the facing this will allow easy and neat sewing
Turn the facing inside and sew it (not with neckline)
Iron the neckline
Finally hand hem the interfacing with kameez so it will look neat and tidy.


  1. Hi Gazal! I've been looking for these instructions everywhere! I used to sew years back but had forgotten how to do the neck. Thank you so much for this!! :) Aman

  2. hi, please mention the measurement of C-N(approximately) in princess cut blouses


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